About Us

About Us

Govati Products Pvt Ltd is a startup company which manufacturers and marketers of Ayurvedic range of health care products. 

Our Story

We came to existence around passion for Ayurveda. This passion lead our core team of two to get on a journey to identify the best Ayurvedic ingredients and how to combine them to produce the ultimate product. 

The idea was simple – to help humans to build immunity, fight diseases and lead a healthy life in the most natural way possible. We knew the secrets for such a life as our Ayurveda is 5000 years old but our fascination for the west meant that there is little research or effort goes into what we already have. 

Long story short, our research, testing & iterations over many years (2009 – 2017) had helped us develop three products that we could bring to the you.  

Our Partners

Vasishta Pharmaceuticals Private Limited (Vasishta) an accredited GMP certified manufacturing unit is helping us with manufacturing of our products at their facility. 

Vasishta has ever been committed to provide the highest quality products with its uncompromising quality management.  It has adopted most rigorous requirements to match the best on quality aspects.  The products are manufactured scientifically without compromising on its cultural value, a perfect combination of advantages of both the worlds.