We are a StartUp Company Who Manufactures and Markets Range of Ayurvedic Products

We work hard to provide you the best quality Product

Our Research and several Iterations of Rigorous Testing over many years (2009 – 2017) resulted in 3 Ultimate Products that serves you to Build Immunity, Fight Lifestyle Diseases and lead a Healthy Life in the most natural way!

Our Company

We believe in our 5000 old Ayurveda and Our Company came into existence around our Passion for Ayurveda. We identify locally grown best Ayurvedic ingredients and combine them to get the Best Product for our Customers.

To Reach Customer Base for our Products till a Lakh across World. Customers who have used our products know that we are sure to reach there within short span. 

Also to work towards bringing New Ayurvedic products for Pets, Fishes and  Agriculture.

To make people realize the value of our Ayurveda medicines. Practice the same and See themselves live Healthy and Happy in a Natural Way Possible. 

Recommend our Products to their Friends, Family and Relatives.

Our Partners

Vashishta Pharmaceuticals Private Ltd an accredited GMP Certified manufacturing Unit is helping us with manufacturing of our Products at their Facility. 

Team of Govati-Health

Mr. Kiran Kumar


Mr. Sunil Gokak